Which Solution Is Right For You?

Welcome to The Beer Fridge Center we’re happy you stopped by! Here at The Center we care about one thing and that is making sure that your beer is cold 24/7. Whether it is cans, bottles or kegs we have a solution to making sure that an ice cold frosty beer is available to you anytime you want it. So get ready we are going to show you some of those solutions, give you a quick overview and then take to the more detailed breakdown of the solution that suits you best.

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The Solutions In Detail.

The Beertender Solution

The BeerTenderThe Beertender is a brand-name product offered byKRUPS and Heineken, which is a tabletop unit that uses 5 L kegs. The unit houses the keg and keeps it chilled to around 37.5° on a constant basis. A tap on the front provides convenient access for pouring your brew along with a drain pan to pick up any spillage that may occur. These are also tabletop units, are stylish and add to the overall look of a kitchen or home bar. To get a more detailed view of what is offered by the BeerTender simply click on the image to your right.

The Mini Kegerator Solution

The Mini KegeratorThe Mini Kegerator is or is similar to the Beertender in the respect that it uses 5 L kegs as its source for the beer. One difference with the Mini Kegerator is that they have a tendency to run slightly larger with the Avanti model being the same size as a 1.7 cubic foot mini refrigerator and possessing the ability to hold 2 - 5 liter kegs. In addition they are just about as portable as the Beertender, which means they can go from a kitchen countertop to an RV or even a picnic table as long as electricity is available. To get a more detailed view of what is offered by the Mini Kegerators simply click on the image to your right.

The Full Kegerator Solution

The Full KegeratorA full Kegerator is just that, a unit that is meant to keep a full size keg chilled and charged with CO2 so it stays fresh. These units while being mobile are much less so due to their weight and their size which is generally about 36 inches tall by 24 inches square, although many do come on rollers. The charging is provided by a heavy-duty CO2 cylinder and the beer is poured by way of a tap located on the top of the unit. These machines are perfect for large parties and even those Saturday and Sunday get-togethers for college and pro football games. To get a more detailed view of what is offered by the Full Kegerators simply click on the image to your right.

The Refrigerator Conversion Kit Solution

Refridgerator Conversion KitsNow this is the beer fridge for you if you're a handyman. The kits come complete with one or two taps, CO2 cylinders (empty), tubing and drip tray. All you need to do is supply a new or used refrigerator and start drilling holes. The CO2 cylinders can be filled at most air supply houses. These are great when set up in a game room, man room or even the garage and can even be used for chilling glasses, various dips or anything else you can find room for. To get a more detailed view of what is offered by the refrigerator conversion kits simply click on the image to your right.

The Beverage Cooler Solution

The Beverage CoolerThe beverage cooler is set up to handle both cans and bottles and are similar to units you've seen in grocery and convenience stores. Most of them have glass doors and can handle between 40 to 120 cans of your favorite beverage. Also by simply reconfiguring the racks you can re-purpose them to chilling wine bottles as well. Since they're basically a spruced up refrigerator there also very easy to install which means simply finding a spot for it and plugging it in. To get a more detailed view of what is offered by beverage coolers simply click on the image to your right.

So there you have it a brief rundown of the beer fridge solutions. Now it’s just a matter of deciding to what level you want to take it to when keeping your beer frosty cold and ready to serve. Here are some quick thoughts that might help you in making your decision.

If you're the type of person that likes to have a cold frosty beer when you get home from work or at the end of the day, but don't like bottles and cans, then the BeerTender or mini kegerator might be right for you. On the other hand if you have a lot of parties, such as football parties or barbecues then a kegerator will more easily handle the increased output. If you're like a lot of us though you might want something that's more multipurpose in which you can keep pop for the kids as well as beer and wine for the adults, in that case a beverage cooler makes perfect sense.

Now that you probably have a better idea which way you want to go simply scroll back up and click on the image of your desired solution. A new window will open presenting you with your options in the category.

We would like to say again thanks for stopping by The Beer Fridge Center and happy beer fridge hunting!