A New Personal Beer Dispenser Set For Delivery By April 2015

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Your Favorite Beer On Your Countertop!

SYNECK Beer Dispenser
By the end of the first quarter of 2015 a new type of personal beer dispenser is due to make its debut on the world stage. This new beer dispenser doesn’t depend on mini kegs to supply the beer and instead uses a specialized foil bag similar to those used for boxed wine. The machine then keeps everything chilled down to perfection and ready for use.

This new machine is the brainchild of some folks over at SYNEK in St. Louis Missouri and has been crowd funded over at kick starter.com. This project had so much interest that their original request for $250,000 quickly grew to a funding of nearly $650,000.

It appears right now that the dispenser, which weighs about as much as a toaster oven, will come on the market at $299 including 10 dispenser bags. Additional dispenser bags will be a dollar and are also reusable, although this is not recommended due to the complexities of the bag.

Watch the video below and then click over to check out the other details.

SYNEK – Any beer tapped fresh on your counter




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