Make A Pumpkin Beer Keg For This Halloween Or Oktoberfest

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People Won’t Forget This One!

Pumkin Beer DispenserAs I write this at the end of August we are staring at fall coming on pretty quickly. What does that mean? You’re absolutely correct, you’re about to be treated to everything in the world pumpkin flavored. So we want to be the first, or at least close for the first, to present you with your first pumpkin project.

The project is creating your very own beer keg or more appropriately beer dispenser made from whatever size pumpkin you want to get your hands on. If you want to grab one of those great big monster pumpkins then go ahead. Just remember that you have to pay for the pumpkin beer to fill the thing up.

In the video below created by and hosted by Melissa Klein you’ll see exactly what you have to do to create yourself a top-notch pumpkin beer dispenser from a any garden-variety pumpkin. Some of the things you may want to take away from this video are…

  • Make sure you get a pumpkin that sits fairly flat.
  • Find a platform to set the pumpkin on that will allow you to get a standard beer mug under the spout. Get the spout Here: Dispenser Spout
  • A pumpkin carving kit might also come in handy.
  • You may have to carve out the inside of the pumpkin to reduce its wall thickness so that you can use the spout and screw on nut that goes on the inside of the pumpkin.
  • If possible chill both the pumpkin and the beer prior to filling it, so things stay frosty cold for a while. Another option might be a bunch of those plastic ice cubes that don’t melt.

This is definitely a simple thing to make and you can just combine your pumpkin buying expedition with the kids for Halloween with one for your beer keg. It’s almost guaranteed that this one item will be the talk of the party.




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