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A mini kegerator is similar in a lot of respects to the BeerTender in as much as it uses 5 L kegs as its beer source. These machines are generally larger though and have the ability to handle kegs other than Heineken and Newcastle as part of their original set up or as an accessory add-on. This is possible because these machines utilize compact CO2 cylinders to keep non-pressurize kegs pressurized.

We will be looking at two models of mini kegerators on this page. The first will be the Avanti Party Pub and the other will be the EdgeStarMini Beer Refrigerator. Both of these machines are stylish and can be placed on a kitchen countertop, but if you’re short on counter space as it is you may want to consider other locations. Let’s take a look at the rest of the features on these two machines shall we.

The Avanti 1.7 Cubic Foot Mini



The Avanti Party Pub
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The Avanti machine is not only capable of providing you draught beer at home it’s also capable of keeping a second keg chilled so you always have a spare. In addition to that is a convenient glass shelf mounted inside the unit that will allow you to chill mugs and glasses. This mini beer fridge while being a little large for the kitchen countertop would make a great addition to a man room, game room or maybe even the family room. Here are the rest of the Avanti’s features.

The Avanti CB350S-IS Party Pub Details:

  • The machine is 1.75 cubic feet big with the ability to hold (2) 5 L kegs. One active and one spare.
  • Convenient draught style serving handle and tap.
  • An Incorporated glass shelf to allow for chilling glasses and mugs.
  • A see-through window and interior light so you can see what type of beer is being dispensed.
  • Digital temperature control with display and a CO2 regulator and pressure gauge to maintain pressure to the keg and preserve freshness.
  • The beer dispenser will accommodate Heineken as well as other types of kegs.
  • Empty kegs are reusable and can be refilled with your own homebrew, lemonade, Kool-Aid or whatever you wish.
  • The machine’s footprint is 22.25 x 17 x by 20 inches tall and weighs a total of 39 pounds.
  • CO2 cartridges required for the unit are not included and can be purchased at any office supply or hardware store. (See the video above)
  • A safety latch has been included on the door to insure that it stays closed at all times when beer is being dispensed.

So there you have a quick overview of the Avanti Party Pub beer dispenser. This unit is bound to be a big hit at barbecues, adult parties and yes those all-important Saturday and Sunday football games.

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EdgeStar Mini Beer Dispenser

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Edgestar Beer Dispenser
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The EdgeStarMini Kegerator Refrigerator unlike the Avanti above is designed specially to use the Heineken 5 L pressurized kegs. This doesn’t mean that you’re left out in the cold as far as the other types of kegs are concerned, but it will mean purchasing an optional accessory kit as well. Here are some further details.

EdgeStar Mini Details:

  • The cooling method is a vibration free Peltier thermoelectric cooling system.
  • A DraughtKeg beer dispensing system is utilized to ensure that every pour is pub quality.
  • Electronic temperature controls have been incorporated so that you can maintain your beers temperature between 38 and 54°F.
  • The kegerator is compact, lightweight and utilizes both AC and DC power, which means it can go almost anywhere.
  • The footprint of the EdgeStar is 14 7/8″ H x 15″ W x 13 2/5″ D and weighs a total of 13 pounds.
  • Non-pressurized 5 L kegs can be utilized as well when the TBC50 – ACC accessory pack is purchased.
  • A cleaning kit is included.
  • A warranty that includes one-year parts and 90 days labor is included.

This kegerator has a lot in common with the Krups BeerTender and utilizes the same cooling technology. It is slightly larger than the Krups machine but will still sit well on a kitchen countertop and look good while doing so.

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