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The full size beer kegerator puts you in the big leagues now by giving you the ability to chill down and serve from full-size kegs. This opens up a whole the world because you’re able to choose from just about any beer you want that is available in keg form. These units also come with a CO2 tank that will keep your keg charged and fresh. It’s a simple matter to get these tanks refilled at any air supply store.

Since there are a number of full-size kegerators on the market we will only be dealing with three models here. These three models are the highest customer rated machines that we could find, after all why take the risk of ordering something that is substandard and will have to be returned later. This option is no good for anybody.

Well let’s dive in and take a look at all the features and options that these full size beer chillers have to offer.

Versonel Stainless Steel Kegerator

Versonal Smart Products SPP155BDSSThis chiller is Versonel’s top of the line unit and is considered nearly a commercial quality kegerator. Things like the included space saver CO2 tank and the inclusion of removable rolling casters are just a couple of things that you won’t find on some of the other units. The removable casters are especially nice because these will enable you to make the unit semi portable for use on your deck, by the pool or wherever else you may want to roll it. Here are some of the other features you can expect to find.

Versonel Stainless Steel Kegerator Details:

  • You can adjust the interior temperature of the unit from 34 degrees to the mid 40’s.
  • The machine has a sleek and stylish design and is constructed of heavy-duty high-impact materials.
  • The chiller also comes equipped with four removable casters, which makes the unit semi portable.
  • The CO2 system is of performance grade and will keep your beer fresh for up to three months.
  • The chiller also comes with a beer tap, hose assembly, washers, air hose, drip pan top, guard rail and beer tap wrench.
  • A space saver CO2 bottle is included and needs to be filled before using.
  • Overall footprint of the machine 21.25 x 25.25 x 47.25 inches and weighs in at 88 pounds.
  • The kegerator has an overall capacity of 6 cubic feet and weighs 88 lbs.
  • And much more.

As mentioned previously this Versonel machine is a top-rated kegerator garnering an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. As a way of backing up this rating we have included a representative comment from one happ customer.

Keeps beer cold however had to purchase another coupler. By Steven St Lucia

Keeps beer cold however had to purchase another coupler. I made the mistake of not trying it out prior a family reunion. I was able to put it together because of my experience with another kegerator otherwise it would have been a long day if I depended on the assembly instructions. After getting everything connected I could not get anything but air through the beer line. After changing washers and lines I went to the place where I purchased the beer. I was desperate because there were 40 people at my house waiting for a cold brew. Luckily, the owner of the beverage center was on his way home and offered to take a look at the keg. After going through all the routine checks he determined it was a faulty coupler. He let me borrow one of his and it worked perfectly but had to purchase a new one.

All in all though this Versonel beer kegerator a great little well priced machine that will allow you to move from bottles and cans to your own draught beer, while utilizing full-size kegs.

For more information on the Versonel Kegerator, read customer reviews or to purchase this machine simply click on the image to the right and a new window will open to fulfill your request.


Nostalgia Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge

Nostalgia Beer Keg FridgeThis unit is a sleek black semi gloss machine with a black pour spout that can accommodate various sizes of beer mugs. This machine has also included four heavy duty casters that make it easy to roll around and provide beer to wherever the party has gathered. The real beauty of this unit is that is currently selling below $350 US, which makes it one of the lowest price full size kegerators around. Let’s take a look at a few of the other features.

Nostalgia Kegorator Details:

  • This is a full size beer dispenser that will accommodate one full keg, one pony keg or (2) 5 gallon kegs.
  • An empty CO2 bottle is included which when filled will keep your beer carbonated for weeks.
  • The included durable casters make it possible to roll machine to anyplace people might be gathering during a party.
  • Overall footprint of the machine is 20.3 x 26 x 32 inches and weighs 95.6 pounds.
  • A 90 day limited warranty is included.

Yes the Nostalgia Kegorator is a great machine for the price and has garnered an average rating of 3.5 stars by people who own it. It appears that this rating would be higher, but reviews citing problems that existed prior to 2012 are still present and are dragging down the entire overall rating.

For more information on the Nostalgia Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge, read customer reviews or to purchase this machine simply click on the image to the right and a new window will open to fulfill your request.


EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap KegeratorThe EdgeStar is the most expensive machine our review coming in at just under $525 US, but this is due mainly to the fact that this is a dual tap system. EdgeStar has combined a high-end refrigerator with commercial grade NSF approved the beer lines providing you with a solid unit. This means that you’ll be able to tap two different sixth kegs at the same time. Talk about becoming the most popular place to be during football season! Let’s check it out and see what else is under the hood.

EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Kegerator Details:

  • The tower, handles, faucets and hoses are all NSF approved for commercial or residential use.
  • An empty 5 pound aluminum CO2 cylinder has been included.
  • The refrigerator section can store one full size keg or (2) sixth kegs. Storage of oversize kegs is not supported.
  • The unit ships complete with everything you need to tap one keg or (2) sixth keg barrels.
  • Casters are also included as part of equipment so moving it will be a much more enjoyable task.
  • The units overall footprint is 48.5 x 20 x 24 13/16 inches and weighs approximately 79 pounds.
  • The included warranty is one-year parts and 90 days labor.

This EdgeStar beer fridge collected the highest rating of these three kegerators receiving four stars out of 5 from those people that purchased it. The only real complaint about the machine is that the directions stink, set up is pretty self-explanatory and straightforward so that shouldn’t be a problem. So if you’re looking to be the only person in your neighborhood to be able serve two different types of draught beer then this dual tap unit is not only a good idea it’s almost a necessity.

For more information on the EdgeStar Full Size Dual Tap Beer Kegerator, read customer reviews or to purchase this machine simply click on the image to the right and a new window will open to fulfill your request.