Compact Beer On Tap!

The Krups Beer DispenserIf you’re looking for an inexpensive way to have cold draught beer at home any time you want it, then the BeerTender by Krups and Heineken may be just what you’re looking for. This beer dispenser also does not take up much space and is stylish enough that it looks good in just about any kitchen or better yet your home bar. The unit has its own refrigeration capabilities as well and will keep your beer at the perfect temperature of 37.4° Fahrenheit 24/7.

The current model of the Krups Machine is the B100 and like the B90 and the B95 previously it’s a dependable piece of equipment. The Peltier silent cooling system while not being a powerhouse of the cooling systems is designed to use less electricity seeing as this unit is designed to be on continuously. This being the case when inserting a new 5 L keg into the machine try to make sure that it is been cooled at least 10 hours in your refrigerator or plan on the cooling process taking a full 18 hours in the Tender. Here are some of the additional details on this machine.





Krups Beer Dispenser Details:


  • This beer fridge is specifically engineered to work with 5 L kegs of Heineken, Newcastle Brown Ale and Heineken Premium Light Beer.
  • The refrigeration system is a Peltier silent cooling system, which is engineered for energy efficiency, is ultra quiet and will keep your beer chilled to 37.4°F.The BeerTender
  • Every time the tap is operated a small amount of carbon dioxide is released. This ensures that your keg will stay fresh for at least 30 days and give you that great head of foam you look forward to.
  • Indicator lights include an On/Off LED indicator and an LED temperature indicator that will let you know when you’re beers chilled to perfection.
  • Changing out a keg is both simple and fast.
  • A large stainless steel drip tray has been included to catch any spillage.
  • The machine has a black and chrome finish and comes with five draught tubes, which are used for hooking up the keg to the machine.

So if you were looking for a simple and carefree way to have draught beer at home then you might want to look a little deeper into the Krups Machine. It doesn’t take up much space, runs quietly and will sure as heck impress your friends when they come over for parties or to watch that Sunday football game. Just remember to have an extra keg and some extra draught tubes around so you’re not scrambling at the last minute to find one or both of these items.


Koolatron Beer Keg Cooler

Koolatron Beer DispenserAnother beer dispenser that uses 5 L kegs and fits into a smaller space is the Koolatron Beer Keg Cooler. Koolatron is a Canadian company that specializes in unique and portable devices that can be used for cooling or warming. This machine uses state-of-the-art thermoelectric cooling technology thereby eliminating CFCs and guaranteeing very quiet operation. Here are some additional details.

Koolatron Beer Keg Cooler Details:

  • The machine is environmentally friendly and utilizes ultra quiet thermoelectric cooling which eliminates the use of CFCs.
  • Cools your beer to 37°F.
  • Can utilize most 5 L pressurized kegs that have top dispensing as well as a gravity feed.
  • The machine will operate on either 110 V or a 12 VDC adapter as well.
  • Included in the package are the keg cooler, tap and hose, drip plate and tray, both AC and DC power cords and a user manual.
  • Also included is a 90 day warranty.

This beer keg cooler is yet another great alternative way to have draught beer at home. The design of this machine is also appealing with the main part of the unit being reminiscent of an old wooden beer barrel. In addition if you’re thinking of setting up in your kitchen it should fit under most cabinets with its overall size being 11.5 x 9 x 17.2 inches tall and weighing 12.9 pounds.

So there you have two great compact BeerTender options for ditching the bottle in the can in favor of moving up to draught beer. Oh and if you’re wondering just what 5 L kegs are available out there here is a link that will give you some idea: 5 L Beer Kegs.